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  1. 2013, Austriackie Forum Kultury, Warszawa

    The group performance "Dyziu, don't play with your food" was performed during exhibition "A Matter of Taste" at Austrian Forum in Warsaw, 2013. The exhibition showed paintings, drawings, sketches and diagrams used in the process of idealization of food.  

    For "Dyziu, don't play with your food" Dorota Podlaska prepared Jelly Lottery. During the feast guests could try their luck. They were invited to draw lottery tickets and eat their prize - one of 90 jellies, each individually numbered. But the pleasure of eating was not for granted. For some participants the prize was a challenge, as artist served in equally beautiful form both delicious dishes and repulsive ones that arouse disgust or broke our dietary habits. The other difficulty was necessity to eat jellies with sticks as the only type of cutlery,The idea behind the performance was to test what exactly is taste, what emotions does it trigger when food tease the brain and the tongue?

    Austriackie Forum Kultury / Österreichisches Kulturforum, Warschau Während der Ausstellungseröffnung wird die Performance von Dorota Podlaska „Dyziu, spiel nicht mit dem Essen“ gezeigt.